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Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector (For iPhone)

  • $19.95

New Technology

Feel annoyed when people are looking up your screen when you are using your phone? With our Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector, nobody would ever be able to see what you are doing with your phone! Visible Area of 90 degree to protect your privacy.

Full Protection

Super hard and full protection for your phone. Anti-scratching and shattering technology that would protect your phone from a drop. Three times the hardness as compared to normal screen protectors. Ultra thin at only 0.26mm. 

Resistant to Fingerprints

No more wiping off your fingerprints on your screen. Our screen protector uses special technology to prevent fingerpritns.

Easy to Apply!

Applying this screen protector to your phone is as easy as 1,2,3. No more bubbles or misalignment like most conventional screen protectors might result in.

*This is for iPhone, please take note. Please select your iPhone above.